Israeli Military Orders Database

Israeli Military Orders in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

The following database of Israeli issued military orders covers only small proportion of the extensive Israeli directory of military orders issued over the past four decades to control the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Much of the following Israeli military orders were issued to confiscate Palestinian lands to build the under construction Israeli Segregation Wall or demolish Palestinian houses under the pretext of "building without license".  However, those are only some of the Israeli used pretexts to take control of the land and the different aspects of the Palestinians life in addition to violating the protected human rights under international law.

Attempts are underway to acquire all Israeli issued military orders since 1967 to make it available as a reference for research purposes.

The Applied research Istitute-Jerusalem (ARIJ) invites submission of comments on the website and kindly those who are in possession of Israeli military orders not listed in the Database to send them to ARIJ at:

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